Our Mission:

We help businesses to improve the gap between their current performance and their full profit potential by fixing business problems, utilizing continuous improvement strategies. We strive to inspire and nurture the true spirit of continuous improvement; one person, one team and one project at a time. 

Our History:  

Park Place Business Improvement Strategies began life way back in 1996 as Entrepreneurial Solutions.  Our first client was Market Day, a former employer. Our expertise in setting up new districts for success was greatly needed as Market Day opened operations on the East Coast. For the next 13 years, we kept very busy, working with companies with annual revenues as large as $375 M and as small as $125,000.  We worked with managers and company owners to solve their problems and become more profitable.  We wrote manuals, created training materials, delivered hundreds of presentations and sales meetings/webinars, analyzed countless P&Ls and in general, did whatever our clients asked us to do thoroughly, quickly, and always with an eye on producing results. 

Our Owner:

In 2009, Mary Willenborg was lured away from Entrepreneurial Solutions at the request of one of her favorite long-time clients to run his Operations and Business Development Departments.  It was a productive, challenging and truly enjoyable 5 years, but in 2014, the time came for us to part ways. 

Mary spent 2014, working projects for Right On Interactive, a SaaS start-up with fabulous marketing automation software and Go Buy Local, a social entrepreneurial enterprise.  They have a remarkable technology platform that benefits both local businesses and local non-profits.  

In early 2015, as these activities wound down, Mary began to wind back up as an entrepreneur. This time, she decided to focus on what she really loves, helping businesses solve their problems through process improvement utilizing a continuous improvement methodology.  Thus was Park Place Business Improvement Strategies born.  Never stop improving!


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