Let’s talk about your business problems. They may seem unsolvable to you, but believe us, they are not.  Here is what you can expect from our 30 minute mini-strategy session:

  1. Pre-conversation: A questionnaire (for your eyes only) that will prepare you for the session, so that you can take full advantage of our time together.
  2. Session itself:
    • An opportunity to talk through the problem with a willing, objective listener who will offer observations and suggestions 
    • A plan for how to identify what the actual root problem really is
    • Some ‘next steps’ recommendations that you will be able to put into place right away
  3. 60 second commercial for our services.  We promise – no more than 60 seconds, unless you want to talk longer.

Maybe we will work together, maybe we won’t. If nothing else, we will both have made a new friend and learned a little more about each other’s businesses. That’s never a bad thing. Contact us.  We can help return you to better profitability.