Is your business experiencing these problems?

Small business obstacles, pitfalls and shortcomings will affect the three building blocks of your business: Strategic Processes, Operations, and Business Development. Below, we have detailed specific issues for which we have developed solutions. Let us know if your business is suffering from any of these problems and we will let you know how we can help.

We have a passion to see our clients succeed as well as the knowledge, skills and persistence to make it happen.

Strategic Processes:

  • Profit Powerhouse ID:  Help you identify where your business is a profit powerhouse & show you how to use that knowledge to maximize profit.
  • Clarity of Purpose: Ensure that your company’s mission and goals exist in more than just one person's head. We can document and help you communicate them, so that all team members are playing from the same playbook.
  • Effective Selling Strategy:  Is your current strategy bringing you the desired results? If not, we can help you to analyze what's good about what you are doing so you can keep doing it. As well as, what isn't working so well so you can improve it. 
  • Key Performance Indicators ID: Develop a robust, meaningful set of Key Performance Indicators (including both leading & lagging measurements) to ensure you are collecting and utilizing the right data to make decisions and steer the business successfully.
  • Better Results: Stop creating your own personal definition of insanity by using the same ineffective process over and over, but expecting different results. You can put a better process in place and we can help you do it.

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  • Focused & Consistent Customer Care: Develop and execute an exceptional customer care plan.
  • Effective Recruiting & Hiring: Put the process in place that will help you hire the right people, for the right job at the right time.
  • Engaged, Focused and Happy Employees: It may sound crazy, but whenever everyone has a clear idea of what is supposed to be accomplished by whom and when, people are much happier in their work. We can facilitate the discussions and process improvements that will make this happen…and make your employees not only happier, but much more productive as well. 
  • Areas where Technology could help: Identify which processes could benefit from technology and which ones are better left as ‘low tech’.
  • Correct Software Chosen: When new technology is needed, we can put the process in place that will determine what you really need (how much or how little) and 
  • Full Utilization of new Software: Have you purchased expensive new software that no one uses? That probably means that your ‘as is’ process needs fixing.  Unfortunately, you can't successfully automate a broken 'as is' process and expect it to work. We can help you put in an effective transition plan that fixes the broken process, ensures the new technology is utilized and delivering the results expected. 
  • Effective Documentation: Standardize and document your operational processes and procedures so that your team can deliver consistent quality to every customer across all locations.
  • Accurate & On-time Budgets: We can teach your team how to prepare an operational budget and then use it as an effective plan for the upcoming year, including attainable goals with some stretch to them
  • Effective Corporate Office Procedures: Simplify and improve the structure and processes around how your admin/corporate support team works with your field level management in G&A tasks.
  • Ready-to-Scale: Want to scale the business but not sure how? We can work together to deliver a plan that will have you successfully scaling your business in no time flat.
  • More clients-less profits: Huh??? We will work with you to put the appropriate cash handling/ revenue collection procedures in place. We can also develop a plan to overhaul your billing and revenue collection processes as well.
  • Open new markets: Need to open new markets, but don't have the expertise on staff to manage those openings and first few critical quarters?  We can help by mentoring your staff so they can perform with flying colors.

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Business Development

  • Consistent Pipeline: Fix the inconsistency of your selling efforts to provide a steady flow of new business.  Wouldn't that be nice? 
  • Successful Sales Process: Sales results are not what was expected? Restart your sales efforts with a fresh perspective.
  • New Sales Strategy:  Is that high return segment of revenue, no longer high return?  Time to rethink who you are selling to and at what prices.  We can help. 
  • Sales training and documentation: Need we say more?
  • Lead Generating Marketing Efforts: Take a fresh look at your marketing efforts. Are you reaching and converting the most desirable prospects?  If not, let's talk.
  • Content Marketing Savvy:  Is your customer benefiting from your marketing efforts? Or are you still trying to tell them how great you are? Might be time for a new point of view.
  • Complete & up-to-date Database: We can work with your team to ensure that they use a CRM system effectively to meet your sales and customer goals. 

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