Put on your Thinking Cap
— Nancy on Romper Room

Not sure what is holding you back?  Let us listen, look at the data, and talk with your team about the issues. To jumpstart the process, we will assign some pre-work for you to complete and turn in before the session. The process generally takes 1 - 2 days from start to finish. You can expect the following results:

  • Problem Identification
  • Preliminary direction for possible solutions
  • Primary KPI Development 

Cost: $750 to $2800, depending upon complexity of the problem and how comprehensive your pre-work is.

Stop the Insanity!

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
— Albert Einstein

Ever feel like you are caught in a rut from which there is no escape? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It happens to all of us. After listening, analyzing and identifying the problem, we can move on to helping you form a detailed plan to fix the process and get back to a more profitable operation.


Putting a comprehensive plan together generally takes between 3 and 14 days, again depending upon complexity of the issue and your organization.



Once the project is completed, you can expect to have...

  • Detailed step-by-step plan for implementation, including timelines and accountabilities
  • Determine how progress will be measured (Key Performance Indicators) 
  • All aspects for the ‘trial run’ ready to begin, including:
    • a documented process for the trial run
    • identification of the best team for the trial run


$4200 to $16,800, depending upon complexity of the project

Try it, You’ll like it
— Alka Selzer Commercial

Let’s talk about your business problems. They may seem unsolvable to you, but believe us, they are not. Here is what you can expect from our 30 minute mini-strategy session:

  1. Pre-conversation: A questionnaire (for your eyes only) that will prepare you for the session. That way you can take full advantage of our time together.

  2. Session itself:

    • An opportunity to talk through the problem with a willing, objective listener who will offer observations and suggestions

    • A plan for how to identify what the actual root problem really is

    • Some ‘next steps’ recommendations that you will be able to put into place right away

  3. 60 second commercial for our services. We promise – no more than 60 seconds, unless you want to talk longer.

Maybe we will work together, maybe we won’t. If nothing else, we will both have made a new friend and learned a little more about each other’s businesses. That’s never a bad thing.

Contact us. We can help return you to better profitability.

Cost: FREE

Only 1 ‘Free mini-audit’ per customer, please.

Donec id justo non metus auctor commodo ut quis enim. Mauris fringilla dolor vel condimentum imperdiet.
— Jonathan L.

Don't try to translate that; those aren't real words, and we have no idea who Jonathan L. is.

Watch this space...more to come soon.