Quick Fix

A broken thing can’t fix itself
— Dean Koontz, Forever Odd

Sometimes you need some answers and you need them fast. That is when you need our Founder, Mary. She is an exceptional listener and a lightning fast thinker. She loves the challenge of a sticky problem and a fast approaching deadline.

Mary will send you a questionnaire to prepare you for the session and then …get ready. You will be answering lots of questions and doing lots of talking as she leads you through the problem ID process and a discussion of various solutions.


Timeframe & What You Can Expect:


The session will last no longer than 2 hours, but when the dust settles, you will have:

  • Bullet points describing the problem

  • Specific set of next steps

  • Timeline to follow


In the unlikely event that Mary needs a little more time to think on the problem, she will get back to you within 48 hours with some solutions. We call it the lightning round.




Normally $150, but for a limited time... FREE!


Only 1 ‘Quick Fix’ per customer, please.