Change Management Wrap-Up

Change Management Wrap-Up

Over the past seven weeks, we’ve taken a close look at change management. Here is a review of our blog posts each week, as well as some additional resources you may want to check out.

●      What is Change Management? - In this post we reviewed what change management is and its history. See also:

○      The History and Future of Change Management (Prosci)

○      What Can We Learn from the History of Change Management? (CU Insight)

●      How to Recognize When Change is Necessary - Here we looked at how to give your organization a “check-up” to see if some changes are needed. See also:

○      How to Navigate Organizational Change (Maryville University)

○      All I Ever Needed to Know About Change Management I Learned at Engineering School (McKinsey and Company)

●      How to Implement Change Management - Next we looked at John Kotter’s steps for utilizing change management in your organization. See also:

○      The 8-Step Process for Leading Change (Kotter International)

○      8 Steps to Implementing Successful Organizational Change (The Thriving Small Business)

●      4 Common Change Management Problems (and How to Solve Them) - We reviewed some common problems you might run into during the change management process and gave some possible solutions. See also:

○      Top 12 Reasons People Resist Change (Meliorate - Torben Rick)

○      Successful Change Management Involves the Employees (Meliorate - Torben Rick)

●      How to Teach Adult Learners in Your Organization - This post outlined ideas on how to best reach people in your organization as they learned new skills involved in making changes. See also:

○      Teaching Adults: What Every Trainer Needs to Know About Adult Learning Styles (Pacer’s National FAST Project)

○      30 Things We Know for Sure About Adult Learning (Muskegon Community College)

●      Finally, we looked at two major companies - British Airways and GE - and their process of change management. There are plenty of examples of smaller companies making it work as well. Check out this link for a look at how California State University and a church both made change management work for them.


Don’t be afraid of change. With careful planning and the right people at your side, it can be the best thing to happen to your organization.


Change is the law of life, and those who look only
to the past or present
are certain to miss the future.

– John F. Kennedy