Why Your Business Needs a Content Calendar

Why Your Business Needs a Content Calendar

As your business develops and refines its digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to keep a content calendar. A content calendar is a schedule of the content you will post and when you will post it, and it can be used across platforms.


So, why exactly should you be using one? Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons:


  • Planning ahead saves you time and reduces stress and panic.

When you have your content scheduled ahead of time, you can see what’s coming up and plan for it. You won’t be scrambling to come up with a topic at the last minute, and a quick glance at the calendar will tell your writer what he should be researching and writing about at any given time.


  • You’ll have a broad, holistic view of your digital marketing plan.

Your content calendar can include social media platforms, as well as email marketing. When you outline your plans for each of these in one place, you can start to see patterns, alignment of ideas, and any overlaps. You can also see where bigger topics may need to be broken down to create a series of posts.


  • Holidays and special events won’t sneak up on you.

If you’re planning special promotions or holiday tie-ins, you want to be prepared. A content calendar helps make that happen! The holiday season in November and December can be especially crazy busy for everyone, and you realize it might be a good idea to have content prepared ahead of time. Not a problem because you have a plan!


  • You can be consistent - the key to any good social media plan.

As we’ve mentioned in some of our posts about social media, posting regularly is one of the most important factors in growing and keeping your audience. Sharing and emailing valuable information helps you gain attention and trust, and doing this consistently each week and across platforms is a major plus.



When you’re ready to create your own content calendar, check out some of these websites for templates and find one that will fit your needs:


Does your business use a content calendar?

How has it made your life easier?