3 Parts of a Great Marketing Email

3 Parts of a Great Marketing Email

Your business has big things happening, and you want to let people know about it! Emails are a great way to share good news, but what should those emails include? We’ve identified three of the most important parts of a great marketing email.


1. Subject

Your subject needs to be compelling enough to make the recipient open the email. It should be short and direct, about 6-10 words because this looks best if recipients are reading it on their mobile devices (as many of us do). It’s also very important that your subject line matches the email content inside. If you’re making big promises in your subject and not following through in the content, you could soon find your emails being marked as spam.


2. Content

Write your emails in the second person using “you” and “your”. This focuses the content on the recipient. Another way to make sure you focus on your reader is to spotlight the benefits your contact can reap from your company rather than just how wonderful your company is. Keep your content short and sweet. We’re all busy, and no one wants to sort through a 1000-word email to find the content that interests them. If you have a lot to include, link to longer content.


3. Call-to-Action

Great marketing emails include a call-to-action. Since most people scan their email instead of thoroughly reading each message, your CTA should be easily identifiable.  While a button in an HTML email is visually appealing, it’s been found that plain-text emails tend to perform best. Bolded words and hyperlinked text in a plain-text email draw attention in a simpler (and still easily-identifiable) way.


Of course, your emails need somewhere to go. If your contact list needs some work, don’t forget to check out our recent article on building and growing your email list.


What do you think is the most important part of a marketing email?