Is Your Business Ready for the New Year?

Is Your Business Ready for the New Year

As the new year officially gets underway, we would like to help you ensure your business can answer some basic but critical questions:

Who are you?

What do you have of value to offer?

Who are you offering it to?

Why should they care?

Surely you have a business plan that answers all of these questions, and surely it’s full of words and formulas that don’t seem relevant to your day to day operations, but that business plan should distill down into your … wait for it… MISSION STATEMENT. (And I know, you want me to stop calling you “Shirley”, but that joke doesn’t really work when I clearly wrote “surely”.)

Many companies take their MISSION STATEMENT for granted, by burying it in the often unopened employee handbook, or slapping it on a piece of marketing material because it looks professional. This month, we’ll take a look at how a MISSION STATEMENT should clearly and concisely reflect the company’s philosophy and goals. It should be repeatable by you and every staff member, not because it’s easy to memorize, but because it’s true and obvious in everything your business does.

Taking that MISSION STATEMENT a step farther, you can pinpoint and detail the value your product or service brings to your customers in your VALUE PROPOSITION. This is where you can expound on the benefits current customers and prospective customers will experience by choosing your business over the competition. The language here should present quantifiable, measurable benefits rather than grand but vague statements about how you're better than everyone else.  

In order to write an honest MISSION STATEMENT and an accurate VALUE PROPOSITION, you will need to understand your ideal buyer or customer. Developing BUYER PERSONAS helps to specify who it is you are talking to. Once you have that in place, you can tailor how, when, and where you let those ideal customers know about the value your business has to offer.

We will also get pretty deep into the process of DEVELOPING A BRAND to ensure your company is representing itself in a consistent way that makes sense for your BUYER PERSONAS across all platforms. This process must start with a solid MISSION STATEMENT, as you will be expanding that into your BRAND MANIFESTO.

From there, we will detail the steps for creating your STYLE GUIDE. The more people you have contributing to your business and creating valuable content, the more critical it becomes to ensure that everyone is presenting and representing the business and its culture in a consistent way. A STYLE GUIDE commits your business aesthetic to paper so there can be no confusion.

After we tackle all of that, we’ll get into some similar but wider reaching questions:

What valuable content do you have to offer? 

This is where we will discuss your CONTENT MARKETING strategy in detail. Quality is the focus here, as generating massive quantities of content, some of which may not directly address your customers’ needs, can be a major detriment to the trust people place in your brand and your business. Keep it simple, keep it valuable, keep it consistent. 


Where are you keeping your content? 

A collection of ebooks and infogrpahics sitting in a folder on your computer isn’t helping anyone. You know your potential customers are turning to the internet to solve seemingly all of their problems, so you need to make sure you’re there too. Our in-depth discussion of WEBSITE DESIGN will help you create the easy-to-find, easy-to-navigate website your customers want and need to use.


And how do you let your BUYER PERSONAS know where to find the content you’re offering on your website?



Finally, how are you nurturing the relationships you’ve developed with both confirmed buyers and potential customers? 

This is where we will address the power of EMAIL MARKETING campaigns that send valuable information tailored to a specific segment of your customers. Let them know you care by giving them something they can care about.


There is a lot of information to get through here, (MISSION STATEMENT, VALUE PROPOSITION, BUYER PERSONAS, DEVELOPING A BRAND, BRAND MANIFESTO, SYTLE GUIDE, CONTENT MARKETING, WEBSITE DESIGN, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, and EMAIL MARKETING), but we will walk you through it, step by step, providing you all of necessary information and support along the way.

So start thinking about how to answer those first questions, and we’ll be back to help you put it all together…

Who are you?

What do you have of value to offer?

Who are you offering it to?

Why should they care?


Happy New Year, Everyone!

So if you happen to see something about this blog that is, perhaps, maybe, shall we say, a wee bit wonky, please contact me immediately using the form below. There might be a fun surprise in it for you!