What You Should Know About Using Facebook to Promote Your Business

What You Should Know About
Using Facebook to Promote Your Business


As of the end of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users. Monthly active users are users that have logged in during the previous 30 days. The graph below (from Smart Insights) illustrates that Facebook is certainly the dominating social network site.

So, how can you utilize this powerful tool to help your business?

First, the basics. What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social network that people use to connect with others - friends, family, groups with similar interests, and, yes, businesses.


Why should you use Facebook for your business?

Having an active Facebook page give you opportunities to attract potential new customers and engage with your audience. It allows you to promote your product and business more organically as people discover you through status updates, shared articles, etc.


What if my business doesn’t have a Facebook page yet?

Well, what are you waiting for? Maybe you need a little assistance. Facebook makes it as easy as possible for you. Use the link below to work through setting up your Facebook business page step by step.



What are some tips for getting the most out of my business's Facebook page?

This nice little guide from HubSpot includes some best practices for using Facebook with your business. Below are some of our favorites.

●      Create engaging content

○      Keep things interesting with a variety of content - photos, videos, status updates, polls, and events. As    more people like, share, and comment on your content, it will reach a larger number of people as it shows up on their friends’ newsfeeds.

○      For that same reason, it’s a good idea to ask questions that your audience can respond to in the comments. As people comment, the post will be visible in their friends’ newsfeeds, increasing your visibility to new people.

●      Engage with your audience

○      Respond to user questions, reviews, and complaints. Use each interaction as a way to build a deeper and more positive relationship. Customers feel connected to you when you respond to them.

○      Make your posts about your audience by posting helpful tips and articles that will interest them. This will also help you build a better relationship as well as make them want to share your content.

●      Don’t oversell your product

○      HubSpot recommends using the 80/20 rule when posting content. They suggest that only one in five posts should be sales messages. The others should be helpful and fun content.

●      Use Facebook Insights

○      Facebook Insights is a built-in tool that helps you measure and analyze how strong your business’s Facebook presence is.

○      The data that it provides about page visits and audience engagement is invaluable when deciding what to post because it allows you to see what content is and isn’t engaging your audience.

○      Here’s a helpful article from Hootsuite about learning how to use this feature.


What about using Facebook on a mobile device?

Facebook currently has 1.74 billion mobile monthly active users. In fact, more than 50% of users access Facebook solely on their mobile devices. With that in mind, here are some things to remember when considering mobile use:

●      Facebook users can check in to places they are visiting. Give them an incentive to check in to your business by offering them a reward for doing so.

●      Use concise status updates. Long paragraphs can discourage mobile users who have limited screen space.

●      Keep visuals simple because complex graphics (and tiny print or images) can be difficult to see on a small screen.

●      Be sure to include your operating hours, phone number, and address on your Facebook page. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you and contact you!


Facebook is an affordable (free!) tool that can be a huge marketing asset for your business if utilized to its fullest. In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at other social media platforms you can use to help grow your business.


Are you currently using a Facebook business page?
Is it working well for you, or do you think you could be getting more out of it?