Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for Your Business

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for Your Business


With 450 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. HubSpot notes that LinkedIn’s affluent and influential membership provides a valuable demographic for marketers.


With a LinkedIn Company Page, your business can start to take advantage of benefits and tools that will help you generate leads and grow your business. A Company Page is simply a page centered on your organization. It includes an “About Us” section, jobs available with the company, a feed of your updates, as well as a “Life” tab that provides a summary of information about your business and its employees.


Here are some more reasons your business should be using LinkedIn:


★     Expanding Your Network - Users can be led to your Company Page by clicking on employee profiles. Make a great impression by having a stellar Company Page that makes a user want to hit your “Follow” button!


★     Optimizing for Searches - LinkedIn results show up on Google, but LinkedIn has its own search engine for finding jobs and companies.


★     Showcasing Your Products and Services - Creating a LinkedIn Showcase Page in conjunction with your Company Page with allow you to spread awareness of what your company offers to customers.


★     Generating Leads - Updating your Company Page gives you the opportunity to generate possible leads as they connect with your company’s resources.


★     Advertising Efficiently - LinkedIn’s built-in advertising suite offers a variety of advertising options. Its ads can be seen on the LinkedIn site or while searching other sites. It also allows you to target your audience based on factors such as company size and geographic location.


★     Getting Involved with Groups - Groups on LinkedIn are a powerful networking tool. You can form your own or join others and use them to connect with businesses, leads, and possible new talent for your own company.


★     Updating Your Profile in 5-10 Minutes a Day - LinkedIn pages should not be updated as often as a Facebook page or Twitter account. You only need to update about once a day - just enough to keep your feed fresh and relevant.



Keep in mind that LinkedIn (like all social networks) is constantly changing and updating its features, so it’s important to stay current on adjustments it is making.
If you’re ready to create your own Company Page, click here for instructions. 



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