Examples of Successful Law Firm Facebook Pages


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reviewed a figurative ton of content

as well as audience engagement to determine the best

5 Law Firm Facebook Pages.

Here are 2 of our favorites…


This Firm appears on the list for best LinkedIn page, and with a following of nearly 15,000 and over 14,000 page likes, it deserves its spot on the Facebook list as well. Baker McKenzie does a wonderful job of focusing their content on their employees and their workplace culture by presenting more casual/less formal posts. It has the feel of a page developed by a very accessible group of people who are likely to genuinely care about your legal issues because they’re people too!


Before we move on to second favorite Law Firm Facebook page,
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This very popular firm appears on the lists for successful Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages! DLA Piper boasts nearly 12,000 Facebook followers AND nearly that many page likes! The biggest difference between this firm and Baker McKenzie is that DLA relies on video and graphics that are incredibly captivating for visitors of their page.

Enjoy these other success stories…