Examples of Successful Law Firm LinkedIn Pages


Good 2 B Social took on the task of detailing

5 Inspiring Law Firm LinkedIn pages.

Here are our 2 favorites…


White & Case definitely earned their LinkedIn ranking in the 2018 Social Law Firm Index. They are a global law firm that currently boasts over 77,000 followers! A significant part of their social reach is likely due to the 6,250 employees connected to the company page who like, share, repost, and comment on content. While the pinned post in the screenshot is 5 months old, White & Case posts almost everyday, using captivating images and links back their website and the sites of educators they trust. They are also huge advocates of global initiatives in favor of human rights and environmental safety & preservation. They stay involved in those conversations by utilizing the hashtag #GlobalCitizenship.


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If you thought 77,000 LinkedIn followers was a lot, check out Baker McKenzie’s almost 170,000 (seriously… they’re 12 people away as of 5/15/19). Much like White & Case, part of that reach is likely owed to the over 11,000 employees who are attached to and engaged with the page. They’ve developed a great balance between posting content that directly promotes the Firm and drives people back the website, and informational resources from trusted educators and organizations. Photos and videos are used prominently to ensure each post is as visually captivating as possible.


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