Examples of Successful Law Firm Twitter Pages


Good 2 B Social scoured the Twitter landscape to compile a list of

the most successfully engaged Law Firm Twitter Accounts.

Here are two of our favorites…


both of whom have other very successful social media accounts.

This Firm appears on the lists for both LinkedIn and Twitter. The White & Case Twitter page boasts nearly 67,000 followers and active engagement with their content through likes and retweets. They drive their brand with usage of bold profile and banner images of their logo. Images and videos are used heavily, all with the purpose of driving visitors to the White & Case website. Their posting frequency is lower than the other Firm on the list, but each post is designed to speak directly to potential clients, making each more impactful.


Before we get to our #2 pick for best Law Firm Twitter Page,
check out this blog that provides detailed info on
how you can get the most out of Twitter.


This Firm is incredibly popular on social media, topping the lists for best pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Their roughly 38,000 followers seems to pale in comparison to the White & Case 67,000, but they are avid and effective users of the good ol’ hashtag. This has allowed them to not only stay continuously involved in all current conversations happening in the neighborhood of that hashtag, but it affords potential clients the opportunity to search for tweets about a particular topic so they will see only what is most relevant to them.

Enjoy these other success stories…