Sample Marketing Plan for Law Firms & Attorneys

Sample Marketing Plan for

Law firms & Attorneys

We’ve created a quick and simple

sample marketing plan for Law Firms & Attorneys,

using the fictional business law firm, Lincoln & Marshall. 

Firm Name & Description:

Fictitious Firm: Lincoln & Marshall

Practice of General Business Law for Start-ups


Value Proposition

for Lincoln and Marshall:

  • Legal services for Business Start-ups

  • Who are dissatisfied with their family attorney or who have no attorney

  • We offer a ‘business start-up package’ that includes determination of:

    • the most advantageous business structure,

    • assistance in determining all appropriate federal, state and local licensing,

    • drafting of all contracts as needed,

    • in coordination as needed with other professionals

  • Which provides a comprehensive legal foundation for a new business

  • Unlike other firms who do not specialize in this area and who do not coordinate with the client’s other professional services suppliers to provide a truly customized legal solution 


Specific services provided

by Lincoln and Marshall:

General Business Law for Start-ups, including:

  • Business structure (LLC, S Corp etc.)

  • City, county, state and federal licensing expectations

  • Contracts (Leases, Vendor, Client, Employment etc.)


Target Audience

for Lincoln and Marshall:

  • People starting a business (either their first or next), both female and male between the ages of 18 and 35 located in KY & greater Cincinnati, OH region.  These clients may not have a lot of income, but they do have some access to capital.  They are looking for an entrepreneurial lifestyle and are generally college educated, self-directed, confident and big thinkers.


to be used by Lincoln and Marshall:

  • LinkedIn and Website through Square Space



set by Lincoln and Marshall:

  • Do 50 “business start-up packages” in the next 12 months



to be generated by Lincoln and Marshall:

  • Explain differences/advantages of Corporation, Sub S Corp., LLC etc.

  • Local licensing…what’s needed & how out find out about it

  • What records are businesses expected to keep?

  • 9 more monthly topics



to be measured and tracked by Lincoln and Marshall:

  • Number of new clients engaging with the business start-up packages


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