Marketing Plan Implementation

In addition to providing you with comprehensive marketing plans, we can assist you in implementing, evaluating, and adjusting those plans to ensure you spend your time interacting with your ideal clients in the right places and in the right ways.


Some Critical Elements We Cover In Marketing Plan Implementation…

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Your website should be an accurate representation of your firm and its attorneys, with consistent and cohesive branding. It needs to instill confidence by displaying experience and expertise, and it must speak directly to your ideal clients about why you are the firm they should choose as their representation.

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Our plans provide firms with direction regarding website creation and optimization, as well as instruction on how to generate a content strategy that will keep the website relevant and informative. Attorneys are provided with direction on how to best contribute content to the firm’s website, such as creating and updating a bio that speaks to the firm’s brand as well as individual goals.Details of basic web design/re-design

Legal Directories

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Potential clients will do a significant amount of online research before contacting a firm or attorney to discuss representation. By developing an active presence within all major online legal directories, attorneys can create a sense of authority and inspire confidence in anyone doing research.

Legal directories provide attorneys with opportunities to display information about the firm, as well as links to the firm’s website. Most importantly, legal directories allow potential clients to view peer and client reviews.

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Our marketing plans guide attorneys through the sea of legal directories to find the ones most appropriate for speaking to the ideal client. We also provide guidance for obtaining and managing reviews.

Account setup

Branded pages for firm and attorneys

Keyword optimization

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Social Media

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Firm: Promote the firm and the firm’s website on LinkedIn and Facebook

Attorneys: Promote the firm and individual accomplishments, provide useful info, on LinkedIn, Twitter

The quality of your content and your activity on social media can be a difference maker for your practice—the higher the quality and the more frequent the activity, the more engagement you'll have with your community. That engagement will keep the name of your practice front and center in the minds' of potential clients when the need for legal representation arises.

How can our process of implementation help?

Branded page design

Posting schedule

Keyword optimization


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