Your Business Process Might Have a Problem If... (#10)

Every business would like to be more efficient and more profitable.

Developing a plan to reach those goals requires being honest about how your processes are currently running. Recognizing and admitting there is a problem is rarely easy, but here is the last of the 10 basic clues to look out for that indicate your processes need more in-depth analysis and adjustment.


10.     The process a mystery and nobody knows what it is.


A key component of numbers 1 through 9 is that some portion of the process is a mystery to someone, resulting in the process

  • taking too long

  • being too complex

  • being inflexibly

  • producing incorrect or incomplete data

  • not meeting budget

  • costing more than it generates

  • not meeting KPIs

  • being reactive rather than proactive

  • generating customer complaints

The ultimate truth is that if your business has a process problem, you most likely have a documentation problem. Where there is proper documentation, there can be no mysteries.

We cannot stress strongly enough that all of your businesses process must be documented! Start with the ultimate goal, then define each and every step needed to reach the goal. Every person involved in the process should have a complete understanding of the entire process, rather than only being familiar with their portion. The details of the process in its entirely should be readily available to all employees at all times.

This is undeniably a sizeable undertaking, but it is even more undeniably necessary in order to achieve and maintain peak efficiency. Once completed, a straightforward and proactive method of documentation should be easy to use and just as easy to adjust over time.


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