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Have you ever found yourself with a stack of business cards from potential clients, or a database of email address from potential customers, and you have no idea how to make all that potential a reality?

Thanks to email marketing and the trusty Drip Campaign, connecting, developing a relationship, and closing the sale with your contacts is easier than ever.  

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Every business knows the usefulness of email marketing. It’s an incredibly effective way to reach out to all of your contacts, whether they are vendors, referral partners, prospective customers, or repeat customers. But it is unlikely your referral partners need and/or want the same information as prospective customers. Likewise, a prospective customer who expresses interest in Service A may not respond to information about Service B, and may even unsubscribe from your list because they’re tired of seeing things that don’t apply to them.


It would be easy enough to segment your contacts and have different emails for different segments, but keeping those multiple lines of communication going can be a challenge that requires more time and manpower than you’re willing to provide. So why not let a Drip Campaign do most of the work!


What is a Drip Campaign?


Simply put, a Drip Campaign is an automated series of emails, each with a specific purpose, that is sent out on a predetermined schedule. That schedule can be based on a specific timeline, (such as sending new contacts a welcome email immediately, then following up with another email three days later) or it can be based on user action, called triggers, (such as a contact receiving an email with a special offer related to the product or service description they clicked on in the previous email). This allows your contacts to be lead down specific paths that are tailored to their needs, rather than your contacts receiving unwanted and unexpected emails with unwanted and irrelevant information.


Even more simply put, a Drip Campaign is an automated series of emails that allows you to ensure your contacts are receiving the right information at the right time, making it more likely they will become a customer, and ideally a repeat customer.


When to use a Drip Campaign?


The answer to this questions is pretty simple too…


You should use a Drip Campaign whenever you want to keep your contacts engaged in a meaningful way!


Here is a quick list of the most common types of emails that can be added to a Drip Campaign series:


  • Welcome email: Every new contact should immediately receive a Welcome message from you that reminds them how and why you first made contact, then gives some detail about how your product or service can help them.
  • Educational email: Expecting people to come to you for help because you’re an expert in your field is only reasonable if you PROVE to them that you are an expert in your field. But don’t take this as a time to brag about your product or service, rather provide information about your industry that proves you know what you’re talking about. Offer links to additional information, like articles and helpful videos rather than focusing on the sale.
  • Recommendations: If a contact opened an email that provided information about a specific business problem, then they clicked on the link for the additional information you offer about that problem, your Drip Campaign can be set up to send them an email with a recommendation on the service or product you provide that directly addresses that problem.
  • Special Offers: What if the contact above clicks on the recommendation you sent, but still doesn’t follow through with officially becoming a customer? Are they more or less likely to continue considering that product or service, and ultimately making a decision, if you send them a special offer with a limited time discount? More… the answer is they will be more likely to continue considering the offer if you make it less expensive than when they were considering it before.


Why to use a Drip Campaign?


You may have noticed that the previous questions have pretty simple answers, and this one is no different. The best reason to use Drip Campaigns to nurture the connections you’ve made is because it works.


  • If you’re into numbers, leads nurtured through a tailored Drip Campaign have a 23% shorter sales cycle.
  • Once the emails have been designed and the flow of the campaign has been set up, the automation saves you and your staff a significant amount of time as the emails lead your contacts step-by-step through the sales cycle.
  • It’s a great way to reach out in a meaningful way immediately after making first contact.
  • It helps you stay top of mind for contacts who don’t need your products or services right now, but might in the future. It also keeps you top of mind for contacts who are asked to suggest someone who does what you do.
  • When the emails are consistent and the information provided is useful, it builds trust that you are an informed and involved business.




While we’ve provided simple answers to simple questions about Drip Campaigns, we can’t avoid the reality that getting started can be confusing and overwhelming. If you need help, we’re here for you!

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