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Operational excellence results from a combination of many factors; such as employee engagement, a commitment to quality, innovative thinking, safe processes, reliable output, and of course, all centered on the voice of the customer.

We are experts at cutting through all the noise and diversions to discover the real root of the problem. It is a strength of ours to identify the problem without placing blame. A culture in which employees learn from mistakes will result in a faster and more successful implementation of the solution.

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Here’s how we begin the project

Designing Your Operational Solution

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  • Operations & results data

  • Data collection procedures

  • Voice of the customer data

  • Safety record

  • Compliance history

  • Retention rates

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  • “As Is” process by talking with all major stakeholders

  • What is going wrong

  • When it is happening

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  • “As Is” process step-by-step

  • Tools currently in use

  • Technology now in use

  • Skill sets presently in use


To ensure the success of the project, it has to be written down and communicated, outcomes must be measured, and proactive action needs to be taken for results to be successful.

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Here’s how we end the project

Finalizing Your Operational Solution

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  • Organize materials

  • Agree on best practices, standards of operation, and expected outcomes

  • Decide on suitable format for final documents

  • Building on current documents, prepare rough draft of new document

  • Review and improve on final version

  • Complete and approve final version

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Follow up

  • Ensure appropriate metrics are in place along with an effective method for reporting them

  • Ensure KPIs are identified, along with the process for regular review, analysis, and action based on KPIs in place

  • If appropriate, prepare training documents


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Timeframe, What to Expect, and Costs

of Your Operational Solution

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Our solutions are customized to fit your needs. Our goal is to get in, find the solutions, get it implemented, and get out.

  • Might be a 1.5 hour conversation when the issue just needs a quick fix (for example, a cash flow problem that can be solved by changing invoicing practices).

  • Might take 3 months for a medium sized project such as documenting a critical aspect of the business.

  • Sometimes it’s a long term engagement (such as a rapidly expanding local business moving to a regional/national presence or a business preparing for and undergoing a succession transition).

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What to Expect

Your expectations are the key here. Before we begin working together, we will very clearly articulate what we understand your expectations to be, as well as what we will be doing to achieve those expectations. From our side, you can depend on us to:

  • Be committed to our client’s success

  • Listen more than we talk

  • Provide an honest assessment of the problem

  • Give you our full attention

  • Surprise & delight with the quality of our work

  • Provide metrics for measuring progress

By the way, our work is
Guaranteed. Period.

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Our solutions are priced to fit your needs. The price ranges below (on selected services) will give you an idea of our costs. The actual cost is based on:

  • type of problem we are solving

  • complexity of the issue

  • complexity of your organization

  • the size of the project

We strive to provide a very high quality product for an affordable price. We know your money is hard earned and we don’t want to spend it needlessly.

  • Consulting: $95 - $175/hr

  • Project Management: $75 - $95/hr

  • Documentation: $50 - $75/hr

  • Copywriting: $25 - $50/hr

  • Data Entry: $25 - $50/hr

  • Research: $25 - $50/hr

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