Top 3 Reasons for Working with Park Place BIS

We have an endless list of reasons why Park Place BIS
might be just what your business needs, but here are our Top 3...

#1 Reason: Our Customer Happiness quotient is 93%:

In our 14 years of operation, 93% of the businesses who hired us for a project hired us again, at least once, some as many as dozens of projects. That is a lot of repeat business, for which we are very grateful.


#2 Reason: We get Results!

Opening new territory:

For a well established $265M company looking to expand into new markets: led all on-the-ground sales, operations and training efforts resulting in annual revenue growth from $0 to $11 M (average product price = $7) and number of accounts growing from 3 to 300.

Cash Handling Procedures:

Reviewed and improved all cash handling procedures for a large healthcare practice, resulting in an immediate 3% increase in net profit.

Customer Service Program:

Developed & implemented a new customer care program across 6 states & 100+ sites, for a B2B service business resulting in YOY customer survey results moving from a 56.2% highly satisfied to 72.7% highly satisfied in just 9 months. 

Sales Training & Documentation:

Successful creation & documentation of Account Rep best practices for remotely based new Account Reps hired into a $ 7 M product fundraising business that was expanding rapidly. Revenues increased by 17% during the 12-month project.

Outside the Box Marketing & Relationship Building:

After hearing that this very important client of a $ 28M B2B service business, wanted to someday hold a symposium highlighting her program to her national peers, we made it happen for her. From the event planning, invitations, fee collection, content development/review, set-up, hospitality and everything else, we worked alongside this client to deliver an outstanding symposium that we were all proud to be associated with. Attendance at this first time event held in the Midwest was 75 with groups traveling from across the country (OR, TX, PA, NY, OH, GA, FL to name a few). A small profit was made by the event, which was then donated to a charity of the client’s choice.  With the relationship cemented, this client exercised her option to renew the very lucrative contract for another year.

Product Profitability Review:

In preparation for possible multi-unit opportunities, we helped our client collect, re-categorize and review, for the first time, profitability data by service product.  Once the numbers were in, it became very clear what products they should continue supporting and which they should discontinue. After collaborating on a plan to increase sales of this product, the company saw a 41% increase in revenue in just 6 months.  


#3 Reason: Our customers are pleased with us & they say so.  

OK... so Reason #3 is very similar to Reason #1, but every small business owner knows that having happy customers will only get you so far if those customers aren't willing to tell other people just how happy they are. Park Place BIS has been lucky enough to have some very chatty customers who talk us up to all their friends, but we've also enjoyed a wealth of feedback via email and social media posts. A few of those testimonials are listed below.  If you like, contact us and we will provide you with references who are willing to speak with you.  Yes, speak with you about our services.


Miscellaneous reasons why we are right for you and your business:


  • Our focus is your business, not ours. If we stay focused on you, our business grows on its own.

  • We care about your success, really care about your business. We get a lot of personal satisfaction from seeing our client businesses grow and improve. It is what makes us tick.

  • We value listening before speaking. How many people do you know with that quality?

  • We are truly qualified. Then there is all that education, expertise and experience. Those don’t hurt either.


Mary, we are deeply indebted to you for helping us to figure out what was going so drastically wrong in our practice. Since you uncovered the theft & the right procedures are in place, our practice is back on solid footing. Our gratitude knows no bounds.
— Owner, PSC Customer in Healthcare Field
Hey Mary, I hope you are doing well. I wanted you to know that your sales strategy is finally paying off. We have landed $2.4 M in new business in the past 2 months. Thanks for your help in narrowing our focus!!
— Director of Sales, B2B Service Industry
Terrific presentation!  Well prepared and full of ideas that we can start putting into practice from day one.  It was amazing how you managed to deliver so much useful information in such a short period of time.  I look forward to attending another one of your seminars in the future.
— Product Fundraising Company Owner
Thanks for straightening us all out! We have gone from an often confusing inefficient company that appeared to be growing too quickly for its own good, to a well-oiled machine that has all the tools and processes in place for years of continued growth. Both my team and I are better because of you. You will be missed!
— Area Manager, Parking Industry
I just wanted to give you some feedback from the meeting on Friday.  I thought it was very helpful.  It really brought me up to speed on things, it gave me a chance to get some great advice from the other reps.  I felt like part of a team.  I left there feeling that I had a much better overview of what I should be doing.  I know that I can get help just by making a phone call to one of the other reps or to Mary.  I also felt very motivated to do a great job.
— Sales Rep, Product Fundraising industry


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