We utilize our Process Improvement Methodology to provide longterm, fully documented Solutions to the most common and complex problems experienced by businesses like yours.

Our Process Improvement Methodology looks like this:


Our Methodology has been tested and proven successful for all of our Solutions



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Our method will take you and your business on a journey through the following steps:

Identify Icon.png


Identify the root problem: using customer feedback, front line employee input and accurate data; we work with you to find the real cause of the issues that are limiting your ROI

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Plan for solutions: working quickly with all the stakeholders, we:

  • facilitate the development of possible scenarios to solve the problem

  • review the scenarios for the one best fit, considering all circumstances and what the data reveals

  • determine a step-by-step Plan to correct the problem

  • determine how progress will be measured (Key Performance Indicators)

Do Icon.png


Do a ‘trial run’: determine best small scale pilot program area, including:

  • a documented process,

  • identification of the best leader for the project

  • appropriate support on hand,

  • KPIs in place & data collection process implemented in a timely and accurate manner

Check Icon.png


Check the ‘trial run’ results & make adjustments: with all stakeholders once again at the table; using customer feedback, front line employee input and accurate data from the pilot program, determine enhancements to improve performance of the solution

Act Icon.png


Act by Implementing new plan : Plan for enhanced pilot program roll out on a larger scale, including:

  • documentation of process

  • KPI development, including lead and lag measures, for ongoing monitoring of program

  • change management strategy to ensure adoption

  • training to assure necessary expertise is in place

  • 30-60-90 day team check-ins; monthly reviews thereafter

Repeat Icon.png


Repeat On-going Business Process Redesign: as customers, competitors and circumstances change, so should your processes. We will help you set up a simple Identify-Plan-Do-Check-Act model that will keep this project on target and delivering the results you deserve. Never stop improving!



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