Park Place BIS
(Business Improvement Strategies)
is a team of Consultants and Project Managers who utilize a Process Improvement Methodology to provide and document Solutions to business problems.

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     If your business is experiencing any of these  Common Business Problems...
we provide Solutions, including the Documentation necessary for successful implementation.



These are the most common types of problems. They can result from poor reporting processes, an unwillingness to make changes indicated by circumstances, and just plain wishful thinking.

Low Profitability

Stalled Revenue Growth

Inadequate Cash Flow

Profit Center Confusion

Outdated Pricing Model

Inaccurate Forecasts/Budgets

Erroneous Metrics

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Problems of this type result from the very nature of operations, with its day-to-day details, constantly changing environment, and heavy reliance on people & tools.

Operational inefficiencies

Operational Inconsistencies

Outdated Business Plan

Multi-Unit Inconsistencies

No succession plan

Compliance issues

Technology issues

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Fewer sales threaten the future of a business. Inattention to current customers, poor record keeping, and no clarity of purpose can lead to significant business development issues.

Dissatisfied customers

Uneven sales pipeline

Poor Database Design

Poorly defined brand

Ineffective selling strategy

Ineffective Selling Process

Incoherent marketing plan

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Documentation is a critical component of creating a solution for any business problem, but sometimes inadequate or non-existent documentation can be a problem all on its own.

Outdated Business Plan

Ineffective Selling Plan

Inaccurate Job Descriptions

Inconsistent Style Guide

Inaccessible Employee Handbook

Nonexistent Strategic Plan

Incomplete Best Practices

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about ALL of our Solutions

Our Version of a 30 day free trial...


We understand that it's difficult to choose the best consultant and project manager.
That's why we offer the following services on a "try us before you buy us" basis.
We're confident that once you see how much we can help, the decision to hire us will be easy.

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Business Plan

Business Plan inaccurate?
Business Model ill defined?

It's difficult to build a building when the blueprint has coffee spilled all over it. We'll review what you have in place and help you clarify and improve either your business plan or business model canvas.

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Documentation of
an "As Is" Process

Documentation 1st Step:
The "As Is" Process

The best place to begin making improvements is by understanding how the task is currently accomplished. What is good, bad, and ugly about it? We will document one "as is" process and make suggestions for next steps.

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Sales Process or
Marketing Plan Refresh

Inconsistent Marketing Results?
Ineffective Selling Process?

Is your marketing or selling process not producing the results you have projected? Let's review the plan and the results. From there we can  identify some potential issues and recommend how to solve them.

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Since we believe that not every problem needs a consultant, we want to help by providing DIY Process Improvement Tools.

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