We are a Process Improvement Shop,
fixing the problems encountered by businesses like yours,
while documenting your New Best Practices.

Your Business Process Might Have a Problem If...

  1. it takes longer than it should
  2. it is far from simple or straightforward
  3. it does not allow for any flexibility
  4. it results in lost or unavailable data
  5. it is not meeting budget
  6. it produces decreasing profits
  7. it is not meeting KPIs
  8. it is reactive rather than pro-active
  9. it generates the same customer complaints
  10. it's a mystery and nobody knows what it is

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Here at Park Place Business Improvement Strategies,
We Believe:

Better processes = Higher profits

Overwhelmingly, problems are the result of broken processes, not broken people.

There is a solution to every problem; just listen to your customers and your front line staff.

Your business CAN solve its own problems (and we're here to teach you how).

We work with a Continuous Improvement Methodology adapted specifically for
B2B Service Businesses with revenues of less than $100M. 

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