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Business for Breakfast

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January 10th, 2019

Business Plan 2019: Build a Business Model Canvas for Your Practice

To truly understand your practice, you need to define both its present and its future. This session will provide a review of the 9 components of a successful Business Plan.

We’ll provide a Business Model Canvas template that will allow you to create a comprehensive, one-page breakdown of your practice and your goals for the coming year.

Sorry you missed it! Check out the Business Model Canvas Workbook!



March 14th, 2019

It’s the Economy, Dummy: How to Survive the Next Recession

Many law firms were hit hard by the 2008 recession. Now, as the longest economic expansion since 1929 continues, the prospect of another recession is on many minds.

We’ll share strategies you can adopt today to prepare yourself and your firm for what history teaches us will be the inevitable next recession.

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May 9th, 2019

Marketing Plan for Attorneys

If you have all the clients you need, this session is not for you. But if you need a systematic approach to marketing and reaching more clients, be sure to attend.

We’ll discuss how to focus on your ideal areas of practice, your ideal clients, and the 12 vehicles you can use to build a stronger practice. We’ll also provide a Marketing Plan template for easy implementation.



August 8th, 2019

Retirement Planning: Working Towards No Longer Having to Work

Longer lifespans, mandatory retirement ages, and the disappearance of pensions have made careful retirement planning more important than ever.

We’ll help guide you towards a “work-optional” lifestyle by sharing best practices and planning tips, as well as methods for avoiding critical investment mistakes.

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October 10th, 2019

LinkedIn for Lawyers

There are simples strategies that can improve you digital footprint and result in more clients. You’ll learn tips for building a stronger keyword enriched profile and developing your network of contacts.

We’ll teach you how to join the most advantageous groups for your practice, and how to develop a strategy for effectively sharing relevant and useful content. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to utilize your network to connect with new clients.



January 9th, 2020

Your Lawyer Legacy 2020: Setting Up Your Practice for Succession & (Possibly) Sale

Succession, transition, and retirement are facts of life, and some of the biggest challenges facing attorneys and firms of all sizes. The survival of your firm will depend on coming to grips with succession and transition by developing a plan early.

We’ll share expert guidance and step-by-step action plans that will help you feel confident and prepared for any transition.

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Meet the Presenters…

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Darren P. Wurz, MSFP

Darren operates the NKY/Cincinnati office of Wurz Financial Services, an independent financial advisory firm. Wurz Financial focuses on clients who want sophisticated strategies that will allow them to lead the life they want and preserve a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

Darren has a Master’s in Financial Planning which equips him with all the quantitative, analytical, and technical skills needed to address today’s complex financial situations faced by those nearing retirement.

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Mary Willenborg

Mary is the President of Park Place Business Improvement Strategies, a consulting firm founded in 1996. Park Place BIS is a team of Consultants and Project Managers who utilize a process improvement methodology to solve business problems as well as document their solutions.

For 20+ years, Mary has been working specifically with Law Firms, providing them with a solid business framework that includes marketing plans as well as administrative and support processes.


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